Attohotta 🔥 আত্মহত্যা 💔 GOGON SAKIB | Music Video | Bangla New Song 2022

Here S – Music Station Presenting Bangla New Sad Song 2022 “Attohotta 🔥 আত্মহত্যা 💔” Official Music Video 2022 by Gogon Sakib, Lyrics & Tune by Gogon Sakib, Music Rojan Raj, Produced by Nokib Shohag, Video Director by Firoz Sorkar, Hope Our All Music Lovers Love This Song 2022

Attohotta 🔥 আত্মহত্যা 💔 GOGON SAKIB| Music Video | Bangla New Song 2022

Audio Credit:
Song: Attohotta (আত্মহত্যা)
Lyrics & Tune: GOGON SAKIB
Music: Rohan Raj

Label: E-Sound Music
Re-upload Label:- S – Music Station
Produced By: Nokib Shohag

Video Credit:
Director: Firoz Sorkar
Cinematography: Joy Abraham
Edit & Colour: Soriful islam
Video Marketing: soriful islam


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