Football World Cup 2022 Match Schedule Bangladesh ( BD )Time

Football World Cup 2022 Match Schedule Bangladesh ( BD )Time. The principal match of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will begin on 21st November 2022 at 4.00 PM in Bangladesh Time in Al Bayt Stadium. The main match will be started between Qatar and Ecuador. 32 countries from all mainlands of the world will partake in the principal round. These 32 nations have been separated into 8 gatherings from A to H.

Two clinchers from each gathering will be sent to the following round which is known as a knockout match. Then semi-last and third spot round matches will play appropriately. At long last, the last match of FIFA World Cup 2022 will be hung on the eighteenth of December 2022 at 9.00 PM in Bangladesh Time in Lusail Stadium, Qatar.

Football World Cup 2022 Match Schedule Bangladesh Time. FIFA world cup is the biggest football competition on the planet which is ordinarily held each following four years. According to the timetable coordinated by its clout in 2022, the following scene cup competition will be held in Qatar. For the going to groups, the coordinator finished its passing matches and distributed the last Fixtures for Group Matches, Round of 16 or Pre-Quarter Final, Quarter Final, Semi-Final, and Final Timetable alongside Third Place Match additionally according to the standard season of Qatar. We convert it in Bangladesh (BD) Timetable.

Moreover, Qatar has major areas of strength for confronted because of the treatment of unfamiliar specialists associated with the groundwork for the Football World Cup 2022 Match Schedule Bangladesh Time, with Amnesty International alluding to “constrained work” and unfortunate working conditions, while numerous travelers laborers revealed paying enormous “enrollment charges” to get employment. An examination by The Guardian paper asserted that numerous laborers are denied food and water, have their personality papers detracted from them, and are not paid on time or by any means, making some of them basically slaves.

The Guardian has assessed that up to 4,000 specialists might pass on because of remiss wellbeing and different causes when the opposition is held. Somewhere in the range between 2015 and 2021, the Qatari government embraced new work changes to work on working circumstances, including the lowest pay permitted by law for all specialists and the evacuation of the kafala framework. As per Amnesty International, in any case, the living and working states of the unfamiliar specialists have not been superior in the last years. Football World Cup 2022 Match Schedule Bangladesh ( BD )Time.


Football World Cup 2022 Match Schedule Bangladesh ( BD )Time

Football World Cup 2022 Fixtures BD Time First Round (Round of 32)

Date Fixtures Time
21-Nov-22 Qatar vs Ecuador 4:00 PM
21-Nov-22 England vs Iran 7:00 PM
21-Nov-22 Senegal vs Netherlands 10:00 PM
22-Nov-22 USA vs Wales/Scotland/Ukraine 1:00 AM
22-Nov-22 Denmark vs Tunisia 4:00 PM
22-Nov-22 France vs UAE/Australia/Peru 7:00 PM
22-Nov-22 Mexico vs Poland 10:00 PM
23-Nov-22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 1:00 AM
24-Nov-22 Morocco vs Croatia 1:00 AM
23-Nov-22 Belgium vs Canada 7:00 PM
23-Nov-22 Germany vs Japan 10:00 PM
23-Nov-22 Spain vs Costa Rica/New Zealand 4:00 PM
24-Nov-22 Uruguay vs South Korea 4:00 PM
24-Nov-22 Portugal vs Ghana 7:00 PM
24-Nov-22 Switzerland vs Cameroon 10:00 PM
25-Nov-22 Brazil vs Serbia 1:00 AM
Date Fixtures Time
26-Nov-22 Netherlands vs Ecuador 1:00 AM
25-Nov-22 Qatar vs Senegal 7:00 PM
25-Nov-22 Wales/Scotland/Ukraine vs Iran 10:00 PM
25-Nov-22 England vs USA 4:00 PM
26-Nov-22 Poland vs Saudi Arabia 4:00 PM
26-Nov-22 Argentina vs Mexico 7:00 PM
26-Nov-22 Tunisia vs UAE/Australia/Peru 10:00 PM
27-Nov-22 France vs Denmark 1:00 AM
28-Nov-22 Japan vs Costa Rica/New Zealand 1:00 AM
27-Nov-22 Spain vs Germany 7:00 PM
27-Nov-22 Croatia vs Canada 10:00 PM
27-Nov-22 Belgium vs Morocco 4:00 PM
28-Nov-22 Cameroon vs Serbia 4:00 PM
28-Nov-22 Brazil vs Switzerland 7:00 PM
28-Nov-22 South Korea vs Ghana 10:00 PM
29-Nov-22 Portugal vs Uruguay 1:00 AM
Date Fixtures Time
30-Nov-22 Iran vs USA 1:00 AM
29-Nov-22 Wales/Scotland/Ukraine vs England 7:00 PM
29-Nov-22 Ecuador vs Senegal 10:00 PM
29-Nov-22 Netherlands vs Qatar 4:00 PM
30-Nov-22 UAE/Australia/Peru vs Denmark 4:00 PM
30-Nov-22 Tunisia vs France 7:00 PM
30-Nov-22 Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 10:00 PM
01-Dec-22 Poland vs Argentina 1:00 AM
02-Dec-22 Canada vs Morocco 1:00 AM
01-Dec-22 Croatia vs Belgium 7:00 PM
01-Dec-22 Costa Rica/New Zealand vs Germany 10:00 PM
01-Dec-22 Japan vs Spain 4:00 PM
02-Dec-22 Ghana vs Uruguay 4:00 PM
02-Dec-22 South Korea vs Portugal 7:00 PM
02-Dec-22 Serbia vs Switzerland 10:00 PM
03-Dec-22 Cameroon vs Brazil 1:00 AM

Football World Cup 2022 Match Schedule Bangladesh ( BD )Time Second Round ( Round of 16 – Knock Out)

Date Fixtures Time
03-Dec-22 1A vs 2B 9:00 PM
04-Dec-22 1C vs 2D 1:00 AM
05-Dec-22 1B vs 2A 1:00 AM
04-Dec-22 1D vs 2C 9:00 PM
05-Dec-22 1E vs 2F 9:00 PM
06-Dec-22 1G vs 2H 1:00 AM
06-Dec-22 1F vs 2E 9:00 PM
07-Dec-22 1H vs 2G 1:00 AM

Football World Cup 2022 Quarter Finals Match Schedule Bangla Time

Date Fixtures Time
10-Dec-22 W49 vs W50 1:00 AM
09-Dec-22 W53 vs W54 9:00 PM
11-Dec-22 W51 vs W52 1:00 AM
10-Dec-22 W55 vs W56 9:00 PM

Semi Finals

Date Fixtures Time
14-Dec-22 W57 vs W58 1:00 AM
15-Dec-22 W59 vs W60 1:00 AM

Third Place Match

Match Date Fixtures Time
63 17-Dec-22 L61 vs L62 9:00 PM

Final Match

Match Date Fixtures Time Venue
64 18-Dec-22 W61 vs W62 9:00 PM Lusail Stadium

Disclaimer: Match information is tentative and subject to change.

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