South Action Bengali Dubbed Full Movie | South Indian Bangla Movie | Darshan, Karthika Nair, Milana
The main story of the movie is about two step brothers Saikumar and Sampath Raj. They are two big shots in a village and both of them are rivals. Karthika Nair and Milana Nagaraj are cousins from the Saikumar and Sampath Raj families. Karthika Nair stays in village, but Milana Nagaraj relocates to the city for her studies. Darshan lives in the same city. In an incident, Darshan helps Milana Nagaraj and they both become friends & finally fall in love.
Meanwhile, Karthika Nair ‘s marriage is settled with some goonda whom she does not want to marry. So, she asks the help of Milana Nagaraj. Milana Nagaraj tells the whole story to Darshan and asks his help. Darshan enters into the village with the intention to stop the marriage using some clever tricks. While doing that, he fixes many issues in the village and finally he makes both Saikumar and Sampath Raj to stop their rivalry and they all join together at the end.

Movie :- Ghayal The Power Man (Brindavana)
Starcast :- Darshan, Karthika Nair, Milana Nagaraj, Saikumar
Directed By :- K Madesh
Music By :- V. Harikrishna

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