Thalaivi full movie download link in hindi, tamil | 480p, 720p

Thalaivi full movie download link in hindi, tamil | 480p, 720p. Extremely good movie…where director has tried to highlight and bring it to forefront the important events of JAYA’s life.

Though physically Kangana’s makeup falls short with a less resemblance with Jaya Ma’am looks.
But inspite of this pitfalls Kangana is able to bring to fore the issues and events in jaya’ life by her acting. thalaivi full movie download tamilrockers.
THE SCENE IN SCHOOL where JAYA LALITHAA MAAM actually gets her name “AMMA” is something worth watching and makes the movie worth watching.

Besides her relationship with MGR SIR has been picturised and captured beautifully thus respecting the sentiments of followers of both Amma & MGR. As MGR , even Arvind swamy has done a excellent job.

Samuthirakarni has done a great job and Even NASER mimicked Karunanidhi sir properly. Overall A must watch for the beautifull Screenplay and beautifull direction by director VIJAY.

thalaivi full movie download in hindi

Many people in reviews r saying not to watch this movie because of Kangana’s tweets etc etc… we all now that what I m talking about.

See guys please stop seeing actors as our role models. These r only actors and treat them like actors only. Please find ur role models in army officials and not in actors.

Every person has their own view in life and think differently. What she said about farm law or other topics that’s her personal opinion, everybody has a different opinion and it’s fine too.

thalaivi full movie download filmyzilla. Honestly I don’t agree with her on many topics but I don’t make actors my role models and understand that everyone has a different opinion. I only watch her movies because she is an amazing actress and this cannot be denied.

Watch movies for storyline and acting and not what actors views r on politics or other topics!

I gave this movie 5 stars because I like being optimistic and I want each movie form every Indian industry to be good and make India proud but if this movie fails to meet expectations then I will surely change my ratings.

thalaivi full movie download in tamil

Director Vijay imbues Veteran politician And AIADMK party leader Jayalalitha’s life with grace, eloquence and elegance in his latest offering based on her. Thalaivi shines bright technically and from the performances/ acting view point too.

The painstakingly designed costumes, the art direction, the dialogues at crucial junctions add gravitas to the proceedings. G.V.Prakash’s music blends well with the film even if it does not offer chartbuster songs. thalaivi full movie download movierulz.

Though Kangana lives it up in the titular role going from innocent to coquettish, ice to fire and rarely hitting a false note, the lip sync is off key at places. The men around her make us forget this minor misgivings. Arvind Swamy is astounding as MJR.. I. E MGR sir..

thalaivi full movie download in hindi 720p. The pauses, silences, the body language and the dialogue delivery.. He nails it often stealing the thunder from Kangana. Samuthirakani sinks his teeth into a well fleshed out role as Veerappan.. He proves he is underrated and can work wonders given the right role.

Nasar as Karuna ( plays DMK supremo Karunanudhi) is perfect and makes the most of the scenes he features in. Thambi Ramaiah as Jayas’ manager is solid in his part. Bhagyashree n Madhubala playing Sandhya and Janaki Ramachandran don’t get much scope. thalaivi full movie download 480p.

The film is safely made and brings back a lot of memories.. If not outstanding, it is well made and worth watching in the theater purely for its aesthetic n emotional appeal..

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