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Exceptional performance from Sandra Escacena (Veronica) and the rest of the children casted in this movie.
I’ve watched so many movies with the ouji board being a basis for the start of a horror story but this one was somewhat different, by far the best I’ve seen.
Lots of frights, scenes that make you jump, and somewhat emotional.

This movie not only introduces you to the darkside and how spiritual beings can enter our world, but it also touches on the subject of a teen with so many responsibilities, who has no choice but to take care of her siblings whilst mum works. veronica movie download in english.

Missing her father, her desperation to make contact with him has dire consequences.

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The movie pretty much underlines a spiritual issue but at the same time highlights the difficult situation Veronica is placed in with no one to turn to.
What with all her struggles and responsibilities, this character is an example of what some youth are living like in the real world.

I can’t praise this movie enough. I found it to be quite emotional, and Veronica is a character you can easily connect with.

After watching so many stupid horror movies that do not make sense and are not at all scary! veronica movie hindi.

Although I don’t get scared easily because I know exactly when they’re going to add a high pitched sound with disturbing images. This movie also didn’t scare me but it made me feel for Veronica through her perspective and how hurt she was, how much she loved her siblings.

That’s why I liked it, it connects you with the characters and their story, unlike most of the stupid horror films out there. veronica movie in hindi.

Really, one of the best horror movies I ever saw. Veronica although may not have those jump scares but still will keep you anxious through out the movie. It is disturbing after watching the whole movie. And guess what. ” After completing the case he was so disturbed that he resigned from his job just a month after finishing the case. I am sure this movie is gonna send chills down your spine, while you will be watching it.

veronica movie download

Well,definitely not the best horror movie as it is being promoted,but its a good watch.The story is based on a true life paranormal incident, the ghost or the demon could have been presented graphically better to thrill the audience. For me it was a spoiler!!
There are few moments in the movie when you can literally feel it is being unnecessarily dragged. Overall, good acting by everyone especially the little kiddos, good direction! i had a good time watching eating chips & cola! Enjoy you guys!

i’m only a preteen and to be honest i’m in love with this movie.

as a kid i am always scared of horror movies but as scary as this movie is they make it so interesting for you not to be as scared. I wish there were more movies like this, and because of this movie.

I am no longer bothered to watch horror movies because every time i watch one now i always hope it will be something so good like veronica.


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