Y | Superhit Full Suspense-Thriller Movie Bangla Dubbed | Alencier Ley Lopez, Jins Baskar

Y is a dubbed 2017 Indian Malayalam-language suspense-thriller film written and directed by Sunil Ibrahim. Some unexpected events on a street catch everybody present there by surprise. The movie is about how the characters there, react to the incidents taking place. The film released on 17 November 2017.

On release, the film garnered many positive reviews from critics and celebrities alike despite being a small budget entertainer with many newcomers in main roles.

Story : The entire film unfolds in a street on a particular night.

Arun and Teena, a young couple is walking down the street laughing and clicking photos while they are mocked by some of the auto-rickshaw drivers. A few minutes later a few thugs click illicit pics of Teena which angers Arun and he ensues a fight. In a fit of anger, Arun throws and destroys the phone of one of the thugs through which the photos were clicked. On Teena’s request, Arun stops the fight and walks back while the thugs warn Arun that they will kidnap Teena in front of his eyes. At the same time, a speeding Van comes and forcefully kidnaps Teena and takes her to a flat nearby where many prominent personalities live. A distraught Arun is unable to find her.

With the help of a few auto-rickshaw drivers, they manage to search the flat but unable to do so as the watchman is not allowing them to enter because it will create chaos for the residents. They all decide to call the police.

Meanwhile, in the flat we see altogether a different story going on. We see Mohan and his family consisting of a wife and daughter planning to move to Bangalore. While there is Salim, who runs some kind of illicit business and is desperate to do the 30 Crore transaction with the help of a Goonda leader. While the Goonda Leader is unable to go down as a few other guys is waiting for him down the road, while he chit chats with a woman working for Salim. Down the road, SI is interrogating Arun and other people who witnessed the crime. A few thugs are waiting for the Goonda leader, two journalists are secretly watching the drama of the crime and reporting it. While Arun does not disclose to the police what is his and Teena’s relationship about.

Salim calls the woman working under him and asks her to let go off the Goonda leader as he is of no use anymore and leave him to the guys waiting for him down the road. In turn, Salim’s asks another guy who is a friend of the Leader to do the transaction. He reluctantly accepts. Mohan and his family is packing bags and ready to leave. While Arun is helplessly sitting, unable to do anything. The CCTV Footages are off on the order by Salim, which makes it more unable to locate Teena.

Later Arun reveals that Teena is his Online friend to Jeevan Sir, an old commissioner who comes to Investigate the case. On his order police searches the Flats but finds nothing.

After a few more hours Mohan goes down the road and creates a scene and alarms the thugs who promise him that they will find Teena, so that they can locate the Goonda leader. Mohan, Arun and the guys forcefully enter the flat pushing the security. The SI thinks that it is the only way to locate Teena and doesn’t do anything.

The leader of the thugs waiting down meets the woman with The Goonda leader and apologises to her as they were unable to track the leader. Which reveals that the woman was the one who ordered The thugs to beat and Kill The Goonda leader.

Arun finds Teena Unconscious in the basement. With the help of Mohan, Teena and Arun and gets into the car with SI and speeds towards Hospital.

Then the story is revealed. Teena, Arun and Mohan with the help of the woman who is Arun’s Sister has made this Kidnapping plan to extract money from Salim who has Harassed them all at some point in their life. They have robbed the money which is black as to teach Salim a lesson. The woman has hidden Teena in a room, and when all of the people entered the flat, Arun made the guy who was assigned to carry out the transaction, unconscious and robbed the money. Mohan Kept the Money in the bag and took the car. The woman reveals the plan to the Goonda leader who finds that the thugs waiting for him was a part of the plan.

The SI initially is angered by them but later learns that what they have done is right, because they have just robbed the money which is earned in illicit ways. The SI asks them to leave and happily calls his wife walking down the road.

Directed by Sunil Ibrahim
Screenplay by Sunil Ibrahim
Produced by Vibezon Movies
Starring Alencier Ley Lopez, Jins Baskar
Cinematography Jayesh Mohan
Edited by V.Saajan
Music by Promod Bhaskar (songs), Mejo Joseph (score)

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